Have you ever just wanted someone to manage Facebook for you and get leads and appointments?

We turn enquiries into clients acting on behalf of your business for you, using the methods that we actually teach. We understand not everyone wants to be tied up managing Facebook while they work, so we do it for you.

We can manage the appointments and fill gaps in online booking systems quite easily with immediate returns.


9 out of 10 of people we choose to work with will make significant money from this system very quickly.

The strategies will start to deliver results within 7 days from when we commence the first post. We only need a little setup time to understand your business and we implement our entire system that is consistently proven to deliver results.

The best part is once you understand this simple system, it can be continually repeated - and you will increase your sales for years to come.

We walk you through an initial engagement strategy and we can even set it up to run the same day. Overall the investment for us to manage this process for you will be only a fraction of the returns you will earn, we guarantee that.

This system suits people looking to improve there sales pipeline if you have a product or service to sell. It also works for part-time businesses looking for additional income while you build up your brand. This works in a range of industries and small business and is proven time after time to work.

Would you like to see some similar results in your business?

Contact us for a no obligation discussion on how this might work for you.

Phone: (02)4905 0233

Email: enquiries@digitaltactics.com.au



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