We will show you how our growth strategies can be applied and implemented in your business without adding any extra work to your already busy schedule.


For many years we also struggled to grow beyond a certain point in several businesses we own.

Initial growth came naturally, but when we reached a certain point, everything plateaued and we failed to push the continued growth curve.

So we turned our efforts into learning from one of Australia's leading online marketers, Ben Simkin, who has generated over $900 million in business growth in the last 7 years.

A long story short, We now work hand in hand with the exact strategies that Ben has taught us, and we have successfully implemented his techniques into our business, and now, many others.


We are not their to be involved in your day to day running of your operations. We solely focus on growing sales and profits. Nothing else.

Why? because that's what we do best. To make your business world class, Your business needs specialists in many areas, Operations, Finance, HR / Staff Management, Sales, Marketing, ect..



Database Building

Ever heard of the saying "the money is in the list"?

The list refers to your email list. Your database of customer, leads and prospects and their email addresses.

Being able to keep in contact with them by letting them know news, changes and sales keeps you top of mind which means they are more likely to buy from you again and again or at least refer you.

But if you are starting out or haven't really been keeping tabs on your customers and their email addresses - chances are you may not have a database?

So what can you do? Some businesses look to BUYING lists - which is where you pay (usually too much money) and you will be given a database. Great right? Except 50% - 80% of that list may not be valid anymore and 100% of it aren't your customers! So that means you are shooting blind, hoping to maybe get someone who is slightly interested in what you are offering but that doesn't mean they will buy from you as you haven't built up any trust.

We prefer to build databases of people that are genuinely interested in what you are offering, interested in learning more about your business which means they WANT your emails in their inbox and are more likely to take action on them instead of reporting them or sending them to the spam folder.

If you are interested in starting or growing your own database - contact us to find out more on how we can make this happen for you.



Landing/Lead Pages

Landing or Lead Pages are very similar - they are an independant website page that is used for giving information about a particular subject or for collecting leads.

Most commonly they are used in advertising - say you are wanting to add people to your database and you were going to incentivise them with a competition or a discount. You advertise on Facebook, and when they click to enter or get the code they are sent to a lead page. On here it has similar graphics to your brand and the advertisement on Facebook, explaining the offer and what is involved, it also has a form for them to fill out their details and submit. You get their details and add it to your list. Simple!

You may ask "why not just send them to a page on my website?". On your website you will have buttons, banners, information and images that aren't related to your offer. You want them to go to the page and sign up, not get distracted by wanting to suss out your site or check out that sale. Plus keeping track of how many people went to your page from the advertisement, if they filled out the form and where they went from there = nightmare.

Our landing/lead pages are beautifully designed, easy to use and flow so that the customer gets the information they need, fills out the form and, if you decide to, can be added to an automated sequence so your offer (discount, course, information pack, e-book, video, etc) goes straight into their inbox and you can start massaging them into your database.

If a lead page sounds like an ideal addition to your marketing flow or you want to know more - feel free to contact us for an obligation-free chat and quote.

Also see below for some of the many landing pages we have built recently:






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