Ever go to someone's website and then feel like they are following you around the internet?

Chances are you are being remarketed to!

Retargeting isn't a new marketing strategy but it is a surprisingly unknown one. It works so that when customers/clients come to your website and look at something in particular it puts a 'tracker' on them and will show them ads about what they were looking at after they have left your site. For example - you have a sale on a dress, we make some ads that feature that dress in it and are clickable back to that dress. When customers come to your website and look at that dress but don't buy it they will be 'retargetted' for the next 5, 10, 25 days with those ads about that dress, these ads can come up when they go to other peoples sites, when they are browsing ebay or on Facebook. This keeps you top of mind and reminds them about that dress, even if they don't quite realise.

We are able to set up retargeting campaigns for products, services, events, courses - just about anything.

If you want more information on retargeting and see how it could work for your business, contact us for an obligation-free chat and quote.


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Ian took care of setting up my Facebook page and website with minimal effort from my part. I would recommend them highly to setup anything you need online. They improved our website a month after it was built to suit where our business was heading...


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